Convergence and Cloud computing have become two of the most popular topics of conversation among the business community. Consumers and businesses alike are realizing that convergence into the Cloud offers a variety of solutions to problems that computer users experience daily. Virtual Group provides solutions in all areas of communication as well as general day to day IT

Some of the problems that Virtual identified within the industries which Virtual Solutions cater for are:

Theft: We all know when theft occurs that it is not the hardware creates the biggest lost but the data that was stored on the hardware.

Archiving: With international laws becoming more focused on document archiving for security purposes, archiving solutions are becoming more in demand on a daily basis.

Costs: Companies and individuals are looking at different ways to create cost savings whether it being capital expenditure or operational costs.

Vision Statement

  • The company’s vision is to create cost saving for every client utilizing our services as well as provide superior after sales support.