3 Options for Connectivity in Jetpark

Jetpark is an industrial node based in Boksburg, servicing many types of business sectors. With times changing and connectivity (internet) not being a nice to have but a must have, the team at Virtual has compiled a list of the connectivity options in Jetpark.

Option 1: Fibre

The best option as we all know is Fibre in the ground, but the most expensive as well. Business Fibre is available in the area. Uncapped services are available with high upload and download speeds.

Turnaround time for installation is approximately 5 to 6 months. Installation fees starting from R 6 300.00 excl. VAT and monthly fees starting at R 4 200.00 excl. VAT for a 10MB uncapped link.


Option 2: Fixed LTE

The solution is based on a Cellular network sim card inserted into a router. Fixed LTE can not provide a constant speed due to the speed depending on the number of connections using the service at a given time to a specific tower.

Fixed LTE is not provided in an uncapped package and the maximum data package provided is 220GB per month day and 220GB night time data. Installation fees start from R 2200.00 including the router and monthly fees starting from R 280.00 excl. VAT for a 20GB package.


Option 3: Air Fibre

The solution is built for Jetpark businesses whereby a 1GBps Fibre link is shared between all the business owners in Jetpark using wireless technology. The speed is 98% on par compared to Fibre in the ground. Installation turnaround time is approximately 5 working days.

Installation fees are charged at R 3 500.00 once off excl. VAT with the monthly packages starting at R 980.00 per month for a 10MB 1 to 1 link.


The above three options are the most stable and the best value for money in the Jetpark area.

For more information the Virtual Team can be contacted, the only IT Communications company based in Jetpark.

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