The VBend unit works as a “middle man” between your existing internet modem/router and connected devices. VBend does not provide internet
connectivity. Any devices connected to the VBend unit will be protected according to the dashboard settings. Your dashboard can be accessed online or via the mobile app. 

VBEND connects to your modem and blocks out threats

The new VBend Application

Now provides an easy way to protect your family or business online?

The way we communicate has become so dependent on technology, social media and the internet in general.

In addition, the Internet provides an efficient means of research, marketing and collaboration. Although the Internet can enhance the home or work environment, it also has negative aspects.

There must be an effective way of controlling what can be accessed on your network.

Why VBend is unique

Block Access

Switch On/Off

Filter by Device

Block Updates

Secure Your Wifi

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VBend for Mobile
Per Device R49

per Month

Once off setup fee: R0.00
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VBend for Home
24 Months Rental R395

per Month

Once off setup fee: R550
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VBend for Business
12 Months Rental R498

per Month

Once off setup fee: R550
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VBend Ultra
24 Months Rental R1450

per Month

Once off setup fee: R550
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