Businesses are moving to the cloud and adopting Microsoft 365, but concerns remain about data security, compliance and control.

Protect your Microsoft 365 inboxes against cyber-attacks like phishing, ransomware and BEC (Business Email compromise)

What Problem Does It Solve?

94% of malware is delivered via email

Phishing attacks account for > 80% of reported security incidents

$17,700 is lost every minute due to phishing attacks

63% of companies say their data was potentially compromised in the last 12 months

Data breaches cost $3.92M on average


Some Features:


Real-time global IP & Reputation scan

Authenticity and sender validity scan

Advanced legitimacy & spoof detection

Nested deep file attachment analysis

Social engineering & domain spoofing engines

Phishing & spear phishing engines

Anti-malware & ransomeware protection

Static token analysis

Muli-layered antivirus

Threat/ risk propensity scoring

Proprietary master rule set for mail management

Zero-day malicious URL detection

Sophisticated BEC threat detection

Aggregated proprietary threat IP since 2001

Fuzzy machine

Sophisticated machine learning models

Bayesian analysis

Virtual Mailguard 365 Costing


(Per User)

R64 pm

Setup Fee (Per User) R59.00

*all prices excl VAT

Evidence-Based Reporting

Demonstrates the nature of threats that are evading your existing defenses, and targeted users.


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