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Cyber Attacks

4 Common Cyber Attacks

THE MOST COMMON CYBER ATTACKS IN SOUTH AFRICA   Download our pdf here The number of Cyber-attacks in South Africa. South Africa experiences an average of 97 cyber-attacks per hour, or 2,409 cyber-attacks per day. The most common cyber-attacks in South Africa Phishing BEC (Business email compromise attacks) Ransomware Malware Phishing Phishing is a kind […]
Virtual Group Cyber Security

Cyber Security and 8 Policy Summaries

The Cyber Security Law The Cybersecurity Law was signed into law in December 2022, and the Protection of Personal Information Act was signed into law and implemented on April 11, 2014. These laws are now being enforced, and regulators have been established to monitor compliance. The Cybersecurity Law establishes a framework for protecting critical infrastructure […]
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What virus is currently active and how do I avoid it?

The virtual group have identified 4 types of viruses that are currently trending. We take a look at each virus below. The Virus /viruses you need to be aware of: The Black Widow A new virus is making its way through the internet, causing serious damage to personal and business computers. Dubbed the "Black Widow," […]

Pro-Active Equipment Theft Detection & Warning Saves Millions.

  Theft Detection Saves Millions In a revolutionary proactive move, on theft detection, industries are taking ground in the fight against communication equipment on transmission towers theft with V Watch Tower.  V Watch Tower provides a seamless off grid, independent surveillance and monitoring system with immediate trigger notifications confirmed with an image of the event […]

Help! What the Virtual Help Desk Can Do for You! 6 impressive reasons to trust Virtual!

Since COVID-19 exploded on the world stage, the increase in IT usage has skyrocketed and with it, those irritating IT problems that can leave you tearing your hair out. As a supplier of expert help desk services, the Virtual Group has put together the top 6 reasons help desk support will make your business run […]

Virtual Trak, why the #1 Employee Monitoring Software in South Africa is Changing the way Influential Companies Operate for Good.

2020 saw a monumental shift in the way that businesses operate with millions of employees being forced to work from home as companies scrambled to protect their most valuable asset, their staff, from COVID-19. Virtual Trak employee monitoring software in South Africa, was instrumental in helping many of these businesses to thrive in the new […]

3 reasons fax to email services are critical for your business.

You may be thinking that faxing, even with innovations like fax to email and email to fax is an obsolete communication method, but at The Virtual Group, as providers of faxing to email services, we see three common themes that will have you investing in a fax to email system in no time at all.

Fax to email: How to convert my multi-function printer to a fax to email system to save on fax costs in 2021

Businesses across the globe have suffered at the hands of the Covid 19 Pandemic. To survive, business owners need to find innovative ways to increase their productivity and decrease their monthly expenses. How can you achieve this with Virtual Fax to Email? Virtual Fax to email is one of the inventive ways to do exactly […]

4 Advantages & 3 Disadvantages of Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring can come with its advantages as well as disadvantages, we have put a few together for you to see below: We now know that when correctly implemented, an employee monitoring system: Enables employers to analyze business processes Creates a more engaged team Saves money on employee retention Provides data transparency Protects against data […]

5 types of Employee Monitoring you should know

Employee Monitoring is a method of activity monitoring that has been used by businesses for a variety of reasons: to help prevent and detect costly data breaches, boost employee engagement, and optimise inefficient workflows.

Virtual Trak Security & Privacy - Calming your number 1 fear

Virtual Trak takes the security and privacy of customer data seriously. We use a multi-layered approach to secure the private information our customers entrust to us. Our service was designed and built from the ground up with the security of your data in mind to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all collected data.

6 Employee Monitoring Myths: Exposed

With the rise in remote working, expanding global business demands, and quickly changing regulatory and legal requirements, employee monitoring technology has become a demanding component to business survival and success. Being able to see how employees and teams get work done in-office or remote is vital to improving productivity, boosting operational capability, and reducing data […]

Remote Working Analytics – Your Number 1 Key to Improved Remote Team Productivity

Businesses are having to deal with a lot of tough workplace questions right now. Read our blog on how to maximise productivity with un-obtrusive software

3 clear reasons to move your faxing to the 'Cloud' before you lose data

In 2020 one of the most used words in business today are “Cloud computing” or “Working in the cloud”. With working from home and remote working becoming the norm due to the Coronavirus and other worldly factors moving faxing to the “CLOUD is a must.   The Cloud What is the Cloud in simple terms? […]
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