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Smart Power Solutions

for Swimming Pools

Are you feeling the pinch of South Africa's soaring electricity costs? Businesses and consumers alike are in a constant search for effective ways to slash their bills. If you're an establishment with a swimming pool, particularly half or full-size Olympic ones, brace yourself for a game-changing solution!

Say Goodbye...
to traditional inefficient timers!

Traditional timers? They're history. With load shedding disrupting schedules, they lose accuracy, leaving you in murky waters, both literally and financially.

Welcome to the Era of Smart Breaker Solutions

Virtual Power brings to you a revolutionary Smart Breaker solution, embedded with an internet-based management platform. What's best? It's managed remotely by a dedicated team, focusing on maximizing your cost savings.

Don’t let your swimming pool be a drain on your resources.

With Virtual Power Solutions, you’re not just saving money, you’re adopting a smarter, more sustainable way of managing our pool’s energy needs.

Benefits that make a splash

Olympic-sized Savings

Dive into a sea of cost reductions with our top-notch pool optimization technology. We turn your power-guzzling pump into an efficient swimmer. Just ask the renowned Advtech Group (Crawford Schools), who've been saving up to R9,000 monthly!

Load Shedding Who?

Forget the woes of power outages. Our smart breakers adapt and respond, ensuring your pool is always clear, clean, and inviting – even when the grid falters.

Rapid ROI

Wondering about the investment? Witness a return on investment ranging from just 3 to 7 months. It's efficiency that pays for itself!

Dive into
the future of pool management.

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We Understand...

Success Stories Using Virtual

  • The Virtual Team are absolutely amazing. Easy to deal with and really go out of their way to help you sort any issues out. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer them to anyone in need of their services.
    Byron Massolini - The Wikid Agency
  • Great service with very unique offerings to clients that the competition don't offer.
    Stefan du Plessis
  • The Virtual Team are always ready to take my call and help with any issue I may have. There is never any problem too big or small.
    Bernard - Venaccuracc

Why Choose Virtual ?

Here at the Virtual Group we believe that IT efficiency is powerful balance of forerunner technologies designed to make business and life safer and easier while being light on your pocket.  As the industry leader for the last 10 years we’ve worked with over 2000 different companies in 12 industries and have perfected the art of after sales service. If you want more up time, better accountability at a lower cost then contact the Virtual Group.

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