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What is screening?

Screening is a way to find out if you may have COVID-19 or not. The employee / student  will be asked questions and the forehead will be scanned to take the temperature of the employee / student, this information will be loaded onto Virtual Screen and stored.

Legal obligation of the employer

Section 8 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (OHSA) requires every employer to provide and maintain, as far as reasonably practicable, a working environment that is safe and without risks to the health of its employees.

This duty includes taking steps to eliminate or mitigate any hazard or potential hazard.

Why use Virtual Screen?


Reduce time on administration

Reduce the time spent on the administration of screening employees / students


Saved automatically

Data is automatically saved


Data is accessable in real time

Reporting on all data is available in real time if or when required from government


Less Paperwork

A lot less physical paperwork


Date and time stamps logged instantly

Date and time stamps logged at time when screening takes place


Less resources needed

Less resources required for screening

Virtual Screen Cost

Virtual Screen is a month to month based product with a 30 day cancelation notice. 

Employees / Students
R490 monthly

R650 setup retail
Employees / Students

R650 setup retail
Employees / Students
R790 monthly

R850 setup fee
Employees / Students
R990 monthly

R1150 setup fee
Employees / Students
R1190 monthly

R1250 setup fee
Employees / Students
R1490 monthly

R1450 setup fee
5000 & more
Employees / Students
On request

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