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  • ICT Services for the Logistics and Transport Industry.

  • One of the most important aspects of any transport business is their IT and telephony systems.

  • Virtual provides app development for areas where it is required the most for businesses.

For all your Transport and Logistics needs use VTrans 

With approximately 3100 transport companies and around 15 000 truck fleets with 5 or more trucks on the road at one given time, maintaining the delivery of loads as well as minimizing the time for outstanding payments received is a huge task for transporters worldwide.

We have the answer.

Why you should be using VTrans

Industry Leaders

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After working with numerous transporters Virtual decided to develop an application that can assist with all the challenges for transporters in the industry.
The methodology behind the Virtual Transport management platform is for transporters to add their knowledge and requirement on to the platform, for us to develop more functionality as we continue to increase our client base at Virtual. The platform is built on a modular design, this means that we can add modules to the existing platform if and when we see fit. If we see the same problem can be addressed at multiple transporters, we will develop and insert the requirement into the platform.

Driver and Delivery Module

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Problems that were addressed with the module:
• POD documents take too long to get to the invoicing stage due to drivers being on the road.
• A scan platform from the driver is required to get the documents to invoicing once delivery is completed.
• Getting invoicing done quicker creates better cash flow within the business .

How It Works

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• Each driver has a Virtual device that runs the VTM application.
• Once the driver has completed the load, he uses the Virtual device to scan in the documents.
• The document is stored in the cloud and sent through to the transporters head office for invoicing.
• We have integrated the VTM platform in existing platforms i.e. paper trail, Data Time etc.

How is  Virtual Different?

1. Backed by IT Experts

The Virtual Group team is highly qualified, highly specialised and has years of experience. The IT experts who take care of the VTrans platform are available to solve any problems you may have.

2. Variety

We are able to supply a wide range of OE Specified parts from major suppliers. Allowing us to service a wide range of vehicles. 

3. Reliablity

It's not just about our business, it's about building relationships with you and making sure your business continues to do well, by keeping your vehicles running.

Switching to us is easy!

1. Schedule a demo.
2. We setup software and get you trained.
3. You're ready to go!

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We Understand...

Success Stories Using Virtual

  • The Virtual Team are absolutely amazing. Easy to deal with and really go out of their way to help you sort any issues out. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer them to anyone in need of their services.
    Byron Massolini - The Wikid Agency
  • Great service with very unique offerings to clients that the competition don't offer.
    Stefan du Plessis
  • The Virtual Team are always ready to take my call and help with any issue I may have. There is never any problem too big or small.
    Bernard - Venaccuracc

Why Choose Virtual ?

Here at the Virtual Group we believe that IT efficiency is powerful balance of forerunner technologies designed to make business and life safer and easier while being light on your pocket.  As the industry leader for the last 10 years we’ve worked with over 2000 different companies in 12 industries and have perfected the art of after sales service. If you want more up time, better accountability at a lower cost then contact the Virtual Group.

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Earth moving plant and equipment parts.
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